Est. 2018

We are a community land trust that serves the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


Garfield Land Trust Roots

The Garfield Land Trust (GLT) grew from grassroots efforts started in 2016. Community meetings were held around Garfield where residents, community organizations, and friends of the neighborhood discussed the appropriateness of a community land trust for our area. In August of 2017, after two years of deliberations, membership was opened to residents who live in Garfield. Friends of the GLT who live outside the neighborhood boundaries are welcome as non-voting members. An initial board was elected by the membership in 2018.

Residents and friends of Garfield can become members for one dollar.



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Garfield Land Trust

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Our Story

Where we are going

The neighborhood of Garfield has a wonderful history. Once a diverse and thriving home for Irish, African American and other immigrant families, Garfield suffered decline as people moved out to the suburbs after the steel mills closed.  For 30 years our community leaders have fought blight and sought investment to preserve and build on the character of Garfield. Until about 2015, our area had been left out of the recent rapid development and investments being made in surrounding East End neighborhoods. Now that investors have turned a speculative eye to our streets, the community has shifted from seeking out investment to preserving Garfield’s unique character that makes this home to many.

For some, the investments are a way to cash in on the home equity they and their families built over the past decades. For others, the rapid development risks leaving them behind. The loss of families due to development can break down community relationships that help keep Garfield affordable and welcoming. By focusing on keeping families in place, the Garfield Land Trust helps to keep generations of our people as part of the change. By securing affordable housing for future generations, the GLT preserves the character of Garfield while welcoming the investment we have sought for decades.

Community Land Trusts are a type of shared ownership. The Land Trust is controlled by a democratic membership composed of community residents. The land trust owns the land while home owners both own the home outright and receive a 99-year lease of the land. With a few exceptions, the home owner has full control over their house and is a homeowner in the same way as any other home owner.

Our land trust is also exploring how rental properties can help retain residents by providing quality, stable and affordable housing in the Garfield neighborhood.



Meeting Place

Community Activity Center
113 N Pacific Ave
One block from Aldi

Our Membership meetings are held monthly. Please see the schedule above for the next meeting. All membership meetings are open to the public and we encourage participation. By hearing what our residents and friends like, and dislike, we are able to make better decisions.


Our community partners

  • Bloomfield Garfield Corporation

  • Jubilee

  • Brothers And Sisters Emerging

  • East Liberty Development Corp

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Membership is a way to stay informed, show your support, be active, and help your neighbors